Spring 2012 Urban Wetland Restoration Course

Urban Wetland Restoration: A Watershed Approach During the week of April 30th Kevin Erwin (KECE), Nick Hill (Fernhill Institute) and John Brazner (Nova Scotia Environment) instructed this wetland restoration course held within the Halifax … [Read more...]

United Nations Recognizes Gulfstream Ecosystem Restoration

Gulfstream Natural Gas System's 400-acre Lake Wales Forest Restoration project is one of 30 successful environmental initiatives recently featured in a report released globally by the United Nations Environment Programme read more … [Read more...]

Mangrove Restoration at Windstar

The mangrove restoration at the Windstar Country Club was initiated due to the destruction of wetlands during the construction of the Windstar Golf Course in 1981 thus making this project one of the oldest documented mangrove restoration projects. … [Read more...]

Little Pine Island Wetland Mitigation Bank

Kevin Erwin Consulting Ecologist, Inc. (KECE) was instrumental in the design and permitting of the Little Pine Island Mitigation Bank, one of the first mitigation banks in the State of Florida permitted and endorsed by state and local agencies … [Read more...]

Lake Wales Forest Mitigation and NEB Site

The Lake Wales Forest Mitigation and Net Ecosystem Benefit Site (LWF) is a 398.5 acre wetland and upland restoration site located in southern Polk County which represents a portion of the required mitigation resulting from unavoidable impacts … [Read more...]

Port Manatee Spoil Island

The Port Manatee Spoil Island Restoration project was implemented to enhance, restore, and create wetland habitat to offset a portion of the wetland impacts associated with the port expansion. … [Read more...]

Conservation 20/20 Land Program Preserve Restoration Designs

Deep Lagoon Preserve (75 acres) and Imperial Marsh Preserve (240 acres) were acquired by Lee County Conservation 20/20. The natural hydropattern and plant communities on these properties had been disturbed by previous agricultural activities. KECE … [Read more...]

Fire Wise Management at Viera East Community

The communities of Viera East are situated within hundreds of acres of preserved upland and wetland habitats, including preserves for the Florida Scrub Jay and Gopher Tortoise.¬†Over the years, these habitats have become increasingly overgrown with … [Read more...]

Corkscrew Regional Wetland Mitigation Bank

The 635 acre Corkscrew Regional Mitigation Bank is owned by South Florida Water Management District and was originally permitted and developed by Mariner Properties Development, Inc. under contract with the District. In 2008, EarthMark Southwest … [Read more...]

Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline Environmental Permitting & Mitigation

KECE began working on the Gulfstream Natural Gas System's pipeline project in the spring of 1999, providing support, training, and quality assurance for over 300 miles of habitat mapping, wetland jurisdictional delineations, and listed species … [Read more...]