Environmental Permitting

KECE has more than 30 years of experience coordinating and preparing ecological and engineering assessments for state Environmental Resource Permits, federal 404 wetland permits, state and federal protected wildlife species permits. The firm has prepared and managed well over one-hundred permits including many residential and commercial Developments of regional impacts (link), habitat restoration projects (link), water management projects, public parks (link), transportation (link), mines (link), marinas, (link), and golf courses (link) including such notable projects as Florida Gulf Coast University and the Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline.

Florida Gulf Coast University Before/After Development

Satellite imagery of the Florida Gulf Coast University in 1995 (before) and 2010 (after):
[beforeafter][/beforeafter]      Additional Information on Florida Gulf Coast University

Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline

Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline

    Additional Information on Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline