Watershed Analysis and Restoration

KECE has studied, designed, and implemented numerous watershed projects over the past four decades. Recent projects have focused on large-scale development projects, Lehigh Headwaters Initiative (link); wetland and biodiversity restoration, Belum-Temengor Tropical Rainforest (link), Kampung Penarik Mainland Coastal Tourism Development (link) and Taman Negara (link); watershed evaluation, Density Reduction and Groundwater Resource Area Study (link); well field studies, and conservation lands planning including National Parks and Wildlife Refuges (link). These projects range in size from a few thousand acres to hundreds of square miles and involve multiple agencies, public and private stakeholders. KECE has the experience to quickly ascertain the technical issues, prepare work-scopes, organize a procedure for plan implementation and the coordination of stakeholders. We also have a vast network of colleagues, highly-qualified in the necessary multi-disciplinary fields such as civil engineering, hydrology, economics, and law, available to work as a team for our clients as needed.