Kampung Penarik Mainland Coastal Tourism Development and Setiu Wetland State Park

A team of international experts collaborated to evaluate the Setiu Wetland area in Malaysia to prepare an integrated development plan. The Malaysian government hired the team to develop a plan to protect the wetlands and waterways while providing sustainable agriculture and ecotourism for the region.

As the international environment/wetlands expert, KECE conducted a biodiversity study on the flora and fauna complete with site inventory. The results of the study were documented on a series of GIS maps along with the use of aerial photographic interpretation and field notes to delineate watershed boundaries and identify important natural resources and land uses. KECE provided ecological evaluation expertise to conduct field investigations to identify the hydrologic and ecologic issues within the study area. Prior to the field investigations, our staff conducted a literature research to locate all available environmental information on the study area. Existing activities and events were identified and evaluated with a recommendation of improvements, new activities and events, as well as the future threats, risks and issues which could affect the ecological integrity of the proposed Setiu Wetland Park. A preliminary conservation plan and management objectives were prepared and an Environmental Management Plan which identified and assessed the environmental inventories, proposed Best Management Practices, Mitigation Measures and the design and development of effective planning and management programs was produced.

Services Provided:

  • Site Assessment
  • Biodiversity Study
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation
  • Literature Research
  • GIS Mapping
  • Delineation of Watershed Boundaries
  • Environmental Management Plan