Conservation 20/20 Land Program Preserve Restoration Designs

Deep Lagoon Preserve (75 acres) and Imperial Marsh Preserve (240 acres) were acquired by Lee County Conservation 20/20. The natural hydropattern and plant communities on these properties had been disturbed by previous agricultural activities. KECE compiled site specific hydrologic data, topographic grid surveys and vegetation mapping in order to develop the most feasible, low cost restoration plans that will most closely approximate the land’s historic water levels and native habitat. Both plans are based upon conserving the existing native soil while restoring the hydropatterns to appropriate levels. This allows for the natural recruitment of native species from the existing seed bank.

The Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) has been obtained for the Deep Lagoon Preserve project. Restoration activities commenced in May 2010. Deep Lagoon Restoration Plan

The Imperial Marsh Preserve ERP application has been submitted for review, and restoration activities are expected to commence in the fall or winter 2010.