South Seas Mangrove Restoration

On August 13, 2004 the South Seas Resort on the north end of Captiva Island in Lee County, Florida, was severely impacted when it suffered a direct hit by Hurricane Charley’s 145 mph winds and higher gusts. More than 50 acres of mangrove forests exist within MeriStar’s and the condominium associations’ ownership at the resort. This represents a significant portion of the mangroves found on Captiva Island. All mangrove forests were severely damaged with more than 90% of the canopy destroyed and mortalities up to 98% throughout. The majority of the mangrove vegetation was tightly packed debris on the forest floor ranging from 150 to 200 tons per acre post-hurricane. The goal of the restoration activity was to restore and improve the type, nature and functions of these mangrove wetlands.

Mangrove restoration work.

Ecological assessments were conducted by KECE from mid-August through November, 2004 to develop a mangrove restoration plan. Restoration activity commenced on December 6, 2004 and was completed in the late spring of 2005. All aspects of the proposed restoration were directly supervised by KECE ecologists.

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