International Meeting on Three Gorges Dam, Chongqing, China

In late October, Kevin Erwin traveled to Chongqing, China at the invitation of the Chinese government to provide the keynote address in a conference there focusing on the wetlands associated with the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir. The 2nd international R&D Institution Mission to Chongqing was an international meeting on the conservation and eco-friendly utilization of littoral wetlands in Three Gorges Reservoir held in Chongqing University and also Kaixian County. Kevin’s presentation focused on wetland restoration in North America, drawing parallels to current conditions, issues and opportunities associated with the Three Gorges Dam project.

Kevin also gave lectures on restoration opportunities in Kaixian and wetland restoration’s potential to mitigate the impacts of climate change to students and faculty at Chongqing Normal University. The international conference was organized by Professor Yuan Xingzhong of Chongqing University. This conference was very successful in that it updated the world on current conditions within the Three Gorges Reservoir EcoRegion and the need for future collaborations between the attending scientists. The Chongqing government and Professor Yuan are to be congratulated for organizing a very successful meeting.

The proceedings of this conference will be published by the Chongqing Normal University journal and presented in Germany next year at a related meeting. In addition, Kevin has invited Professor Yuan and his colleagues to participate in the INTECOL symposium at next year’s meeting in Orlando where the Three Gorges Dam wetlands and wetland restoration in China will be the focus.

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