Prairie Pines Preserve Recreational Facilities

KECE worked with the Lee County Parks and Recreation Department to help design a new park in North Fort Myers known as Prairie Pines Preserve. This project involved the design, permitting and construction inspection of resource-based public recreational facilities such as a parking area for cars and horse trailers, restrooms, a picnic area, observation platforms/blinds, and trails and bridges for pedestrians, equestrians and mountain bikers. The ERP permit was approved by the South Florida Water Management District on July 10, 2008. KECE ecologists continue to monitor the onsite wetland mitigation.

Prairie Pines Preserve includes the conservation of over 2,700 acres of hydric and mesic pine flatwoods interspersed with depressional marshes that provide valuable habitat and food for a wide variety of fish and wildlife species. According to the park’s Vision Statement, “The preserve will provide an exceptional resource-based experience for visitors through opportunities such as horseback riding, hiking, birdwatching from the observation blinds, guided nature walks and convenient access and parking off US 41.”

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